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Corporate Citizenship


In NSPCL, thrust on Environment management, Corporate Social Responsibility, Sustainable development and upliftment of marginalised and under-privileged sections of society are given.



NSPCL has a comprehensive Environment policy, adopted during 2015-16.Sustainable growth has always been one of the pillars of NSPCL’s growth structure. Several pro active measures have been taken for SPM,SOx and NOx mitigation; through Flue Gas Desulphurisation (FGD) ,DeNOx systems as well as ESP upgradation implementation in all NSPCL stations.

NSPCL maintains excellent emission standards at par with the best in the industry. Our stations are equipped with Ambient air quality monitoring stations (AAQMS) ,Continuous emission monitoring system (CEMS) and  Effluent quality monitoring system EQMS) which conforms to the latest norms.

NSPCL is fully committed to ensure a safe and healthy work environment and complies with applicable regulations and statutory requirements of the industry. Further it has a safety policy in place and safety audits are being carried out continuously ,to take corrective measures wherever necessary.

NSPCL, Bhilai has been awarded with SHRESHTHA Suraksha Puraskar- (Silver Trophy) at the NSCI Safety Awards-2019(Manufacturing Sector).

NSPCL, Bhilai has been conferred with Prashansha Patra by National Patra by National Safety Council for Safety during the years 2017-2019 NSPCL, Bhilai has been ranked fourth among all thermal Power Plants.

NSPCL, Bhilai has been conferred with the Swarna Shakti Safety Award (19-20) by NTPC, the award has been bagged by NSPCL, Bhilai from amongst all NTPC Stations & JVs.

NSPCL, Rourkela has been awarded the prestigious Kalinga Safety Excellence Award- Gold ( in Thermal Power Plant Category) for the performance year 2019.

NSPCL won the Apex India Safety Award 2020 ( Platinum)

The Shreshtha Suraksha Puraskar ( Silver Trophy) in Manufacturing Sector at the NSCI Safety Award 2021 was won by NSPCL

NSPCL Rourkela was awarded with Kalinga Safety Award- Gold for 2020.

NSPCL Bhilai PP-3 won “Silver Trophy & Certificate” from NSCI for the Assessment year-2018,2019, 2020 and won 1 st Position among all PSU/ Govt. Power Industries.

NSPCL Bhilai PP-3 received Apex India Foundation- Safety Award-2021 in “platinum Category” for the assessment period 2018, 2019 &2020.






All the CSR activities are carried out in NSPCL in accordance with well-defined CSR policy, Company’s Act 2013 and Guidelines issued in the matter from time to time. The focus of CSR activities undertaken by NSPCL is to include and integrate the neighboring stakeholders by capacity building initiatives and infrastructure development.  NSPCL carries out its CSR activities broadly in the areas of Promoting gender equality and Women empowerment, Education to underprivileged children  and employment enhancing vocational skills, Preventive Health Care, Family Welfare and Sanitation Promotion of Sports & Local Art, culture etc.  During the F.Y. 2015-16 NSPCL has achieved the target of 100% budget utilization of CSR.

NSPCL received Awards for a) Best CSR Practices, b) Quality Work-life Balance and c) Best Talent Management during World HRD Congress Meet. The Certificate of Award and Trophy was presented during the 14th Annual Greentech Occupational Health, Safety & Fire Conference held on 24-25th July, 2015 in Goa.




NSPCL is actively involved in SD program.  Activities undertaken for Sustainable Development are Mass tree plantation, organizing ash utilization and energy conservation workshops, undertaking environment improvement, efficiency improvement, etc.




NSPCL, during 2015-16 adopted comprehensive ash utilisation policy, which details ash management in a sustained and environment friendly manner including efforts to promote ash utilisation across a wide spectrum.

NSPCL utilised more than 14 lakh tonnes of ash for the period April to September 2022 which was more than 140% of the total ash generated during this period and included utilisation of Legacy Ash also. Major areas of utilization included supplies to cement manufacturing units, supplies to cement manufacturing units, NHAI road embankment works, dyke raising, mine and landfills and ash brick manufacturing units. Fly ash brick plants are operational in plants of NSPCL. Dry fly ash evacuation systems are in service in all the stations.



NSPCL has planted more than 50,000 trees during 2015-16 around its projects under sustainable development measure.